Join PIC

The Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) is always recruiting interested parents who are willing to make a commitment to the Committee. If you have School Council experience (a bit, some or a lot), PIC wants you! If not, this could be a great Committee to gain hands-on experience and valuable skills.

If you are interested in joining or learning more please contact the Chair or another PIC member.

The Committee Structure

Roles & Responsibilities:


  • Prepare agenda in consultation with Director of Education
  • Chair PIC Meeting
  • Participate in Board initiatives as the representative of Parents
  • Oversee & Lead Initiatives and activities
  • Responsible for overseeing executive and ultimately responsible to assume roles that are not filled on the executive.
  • Responsible to lead the vision and planning of annual activities and budgets

Vice-Chair – Optional

  • Assumes duties of the Chair in his/her absence
  • Assist Chair in executing responsibilities
  • Responsible for volunteer recruitment


  • Record Minutes at the Meetings and Distribute to Committee
  • Responsible for Coordinating the Agenda with Chair and deployment
  • Assist the Communications Coordinator when needed
  • Communicate meeting schedule and attendance to all members
  • Track committee attendance


  • Prepare a Preliminary Budget with executive and administration for the first meeting
  • Responsible for providing “Revenue” project results to Committee
  • Responsible for monthly presentations outlining spend and revenue forecasting
  • Responsible to collect and submit expenses to AMDSB Administration
  • Prepare annual report for Committee

Communication Coordinator

  • Responsible for PIC Monthly Newsletter coordination
  • Responsible for development and execution of all Committee Correspondence
  • Responsible for Web Communication & Updates
  • Responsible for Communication to School Councils

What is a Parent Involvement Committee?

All school boards in Ontario have established a Parent Involvement Committee. The Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) participates at the board level and is a key vehicle for enhancing parent involvement in support of student achievement and well-being. It operates as a direct link for parents to the director of education and the board of trustees.

  • providing the board with advice on parent engagement and how to communicate with parents
  • developing strategies and initiatives the board could use to engage more parents to support their children’s learning at home and at school
  • sharing information with, and supporting the work of, school councils.

A Parent Involvement Committee’s activities are based on the unique needs of its board and its diverse community, how it is organized and the members of the committee.

Why does the government require school boards to establish these committees?

Research shows that everyone benefits when parents are engaged in their children’s education. Parent Involvement Committees work at the board level to support, encourage and enhance parent involvement to improve student achievement and well-being.

This reinforces the vital link between parents, the director of education and trustees. It is an important part of the government’s commitment, demonstrated by the passage of Bill 177, Student Achievement and School Board Governance Act, to improve student achievement and well-being, to close the gap in student achievement, and to build public confidence in publicly funded education.

The Parent Involvement Committee is a formal structure and an important advisory body. It, along with school councils, encourages parent involvement at the local and regional levels through a grassroots approach.

The ministry has established a Parent Engagement Office to develop and implement parent engagement initiatives that support learning and student achievement across the province. The government currently provides boards with base funding of $5,000 and 17 cents per student for a PIC and an additional $500 per school council to support parent engagement activities.

Who sits on Parent Involvement Committees?

The PIC is a parent-led committee. The chair/co-chairs are parents, and the majority of members are also parents. To provide a direct link to the board, the director of education and a trustee are also members. The PIC may appoint up to three community members. Each Parent Involvement Committee decides, based on their local needs, who else to include, such as a principal, teacher and support staff.

The committee meets at least four times a year. To qualify for election or appointment, a parent must have a child enrolled in a school of the board. School councils focus on the local school and community. Parent Involvement Committees focus on things that affect more than one school.

The Parent Involvement Committee is a formal structure and an important advisory body. It, along with school councils, encourages parent involvement at the local and regional levels through a grassroots approach.

School Councils

Parents play a vital role in the development and education of their children and in the success of schools. Parents are the most important influence in a child’s life outside of school. Long after direct learning from parents in a child’s early years gives way to formal education, parents continue to play a key role in student success through the attitudes they help to shape and the direct supports they provide.

Research clearly indicates that good schools become better schools when there is a strong connection with parents as part of the learning community. The positive results of a genuine partnership between parents and schools include improved student achievement, reduced absenteeism, better behaviour, and restored confidence among parents in their children’s schooling.

Contact your school’s Principal or a School Council member for more information on how you can be involved.