About PIC at AMDSB

Parents/guardians of students currently enrolled in an AMDSB school OR community members who do not have children currently enrolled in an AMDSB school are welcome to apply for positions on our Parent Involvement Committee (PIC) when the Call for Members is open each fall.

The committee’s mandate is to:

  • Support, encourage and enhance meaningful parent engagement at the Board level to improve student achievement and well-being
  • Provide information and advice to the Board on parent engagement
  • Communicate with and support school councils
  • Undertake activities to help parents support their children’s learning at home and at school

The committee meets at least four times per year to advise the Director of Education on policies and issues of concern to parents and to make suggestions to schools, School Councils and the Board, regarding parent engagement that supports student achievement.

The committee is established according to Ministry legislation. Members may also be asked to review materials for the PIC or the Board and provide feedback.

PIC meetings are generally held on Wednesdays at the Education Centre from 5-7 p.m. The first meeting is usually held in October, then subsequent meetings are held in February, April and June.

The committee can include at least one parent representative from each of the 8 regions of the School Board, the Director of Education or designate, one Board of Trustees member, up to three community members, and up to three Board Employee Group Members. PIC parent members will serve a two-year term.

The goal of PIC is to have members who are committed to engaging all parents in supporting their children’s learning, enthusiastic about education and representative of our region. Strong communication and leadership skills and the ability to work as part of a team are also valued. You do not have to be a member of a school council to be a member of PIC.